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We are a team of professional freelancers across India, working together to create fun animations, designs, videos, apps and websites.


the dude that animates. fan of classical 2D animations; Did his first animation at 17 with help of a pencil, rough book and movie-maker and found his calling.

Raj Sekhar

The Creative director of our team, comes to the rescue when we are out of ideas. He is also a painter, paints with coffee!! A newly wed.

Hari nath

UI & UX designer, developed many apps and web portals for many happy clients. Spends most of the free time with his camera. Has a natural flair for cinematography.


likes to code, eat and sleep; just kidding. He helps clients by developing functions they need in the app or web and suggests better options that increase usability of the product. He's also a newly wed.




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“Nothing’s occurring in animation – you manufacture everything.”

– Gore Verbinski

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